We are Tassel Tales – Also known as the trio infernale.

Caught between confusion, humor, passion and having fun, we joined our unique forces to create Tassel Tales.
We get along quite well, and make apparel inspired by our love for travel, fashion, yoga, eco-conscious living and, of course, tassels. Because, if you haven’t noticed yet all our products are made with love and tassels. 


Sophie’s tale

Unable to make a decision when it comes to ordering food or drinks, this little TATA girl is tough when it comes to business. She definitely knows how to cut a deal, even if being confused is her nature. Her flair for fashion is shaped by years spent in Berlin, where being unique and absolutely original is a lifestyle per se. Even though she doesn’t wear glasses, she keeps a watchful eye on TATA’s expenses and timings. Yeah; Sophie is our TATA finance and marketing genius.


Ali’s tale

Her trademark is her laugh, which is well known amongst her peers and is too often a topic in conversations. Some would describe the sound as a rubber boot being centrifuged in a washing machine. She is quite small and loud; however that never stopped her from having a great sense for design and pretty little things. Her father would say she got it from him, while her mother would laugh and say it is obvious she got it from her. You would’ve guessed she’s our TATA head designer and production manager. She is suffering from a disease called fomo (fear of missing out), but has definitely improved in the last two years.


Stephi’s tale

As a yoga teacher, there is nothing more odd about her than the fact that she hates to walk barefoot on grass. But traveling the world - in shoes - is in her blood, and being immersed throughout the years into different cultures has opened her mind and heart.
Even though she adores the sunrise, her love for sleep prevails and her sleeping record is 21hours straight. With a camera on her nightstand, she is our social media and public relations TATA girl.

© Photograph: Teresa Marenzi